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Learn About the Best Money Earning Apps to Supplement Your Income

The Best Money Earning Apps to Supplement Your IncomeLooking for the best money earning apps? We have you covered.

These apps are designed to help you earn extra cash quickly and efficiently. While many of them are used as part-time jobs or only for extra pocket money, you also have the option of working on certain money making apps full-time.

The best money making apps will allow you to pick your hours, so that you may schedule your work around another job or when it is most convenient for you. While you may not be able to make a part-time job out of certain apps, you may find that extra pocket money will help you significantly. If you earn less than a certain amount on these pocket-money apps, you will not need to report this income on your taxes. Discover the best apps to make money fast below.

About Uber Drivers

Becoming an Uber driver or Lyft driver may help you significantly in supplementing your income. An Uber driver is similar to a taxi driver, except app users will request rides through a mobile app. As the driver, you will receive the request for the ride and an estimate of the ride length. Note that you must pass a background check before you can become a driver.

The Uber driver salary and Lyft driver salary both vary depending on how many hours you spend driving each day. The average pay is $15 per hour plus tips. Some drivers report earning $19 per hour or more, depending on the cities in which they drive.

While neither the Uber driver pay nor the Lyft pay are exceptionally high, they are both good options for part-time jobs. In addition, you may set your own hours. If you do not have your own car, you may be able to rent one through Uber.

About Doordash, Grubhub and Postmates Delivery Drivers

Becoming a Doordash delivery driver, Grubhub driver or Postmates driver is another excellent way to make money on the side. As a delivery driver, you pick up food deliveries from different restaurants and bring them to customers. The app lets the customer track your progress, give you a rating and give you a tip.

Doordash jobs and other food pick-up services are similar to jobs at Uber and Lyft, because you may work on your own schedule and set your own hours.

The average Doordash salary is $11 plus tips. Salaries for Grubhub and Postmates are similar. In addition, you may earn more or less depending on the area and how often you work. To become a delivery driver on one of these apps, you must be 18 years of age or older and have a car or motorcycle.

About Job Opportunities jobs are a good option for those looking to pick up a part-time or full-time gig. is a website and an app for caretakers, babysitters and nannies. Applicants may create a profile that lists their work experience, what type of work they are looking for and when and where they want to work.

Family members looking for babysitters or caretakers may then connect with these applicants and hire them through the app. Unlike driving apps, applicants may set their hourly rates depending on their experience levels.

You may also use the app to get a job as a house cleaner, tutor, household manager, preschool teacher, pet sitter, mover and more. Unlike driving apps, applicants may set their hourly rate depending on their career and experience level. Babysitters and nannies earn an average of $13.79 per hour, while pet sitters earn an average of $15.40 per hour.

About Pawshake and Rover

The Pawshake app and the Rover app are both pet-sitting apps. If you work on either app, you may accept gigs for pet-sitting, dog walking, home visits or house sitting. You may also board dogs in your own home while the owners are out of town or on vacation.

Generally, a customer will contact you about your service and ask to meet you in advance. If the meet-and-greet goes well and you complete the service, the customer will pay you directly through the app.

The salaries for Pawshake, Rover and other pet sitter apps vary depending on the type of service you offer. In general, dog-walkers may earn $10 to $15 per hour, while dog or pet boarders may earn $30 to $40 per night. Rover reports that dog-walkers may earn $12 to $15 per hour.

About the Etsy App

The Etsy app gives you access to the Etsy marketplace, through which you may sell your own merchandise. If you are wondering how to sell on Etsy, download the Sell on Etsy app.

You may then upload listings of your merchandise and check your stats, including traffic on your page, customers viewing your page and more. Though beginners do not usually make a lot of money, advanced users may eventually use Etsy as a part-time job.

About Apps for Earning Extra Pocket Money

Apps that pay you to walk may not be enough to supplement your income, but they will give you a little extra pocket money. The same is true for money earning games, certain exercise apps and other apps that offer cash or rewards in exchange for services.

You do not have to worry about having the right phone brand, because there are money making apps for Android phones, iPhones, Google phones and more.

A few of the best money-making apps include:

  • Earn cash and free gift cards by shopping online, watching videos and taking surveys. After you earn a certain amount of points, you may convert your points into gift cards or cash.
  • Use the app to track your outdoor steps, both walking and running. The steps are then converted into Sweatcoins. If you complete a certain number of steps, you may be able to earn goods such as an iPhone or high-tech shoes, Paypal cash and more.
  • Complete micro-tasks for other users, such as walking down the street and taking a photo of a restaurant menu, checking a store‚Äôs inventory, writing a review or testing an app. Once you successfully complete the task, you will receive immediate payment in the form of Paypal cash. You may receive $4 to $100 depending on the task.

Bitwalking. Bitwalking is another app like Sweatcoin, in which you earn money for walking a certain number of steps. Note that this app may only be available for Android devices.