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The Section 8 Program and Renting Information Guide


The federal government offers different types of HUD housing assistance to low-income individuals that cannot afford to pay rent or buy a home.

Not only does the HUD housing assistance offer homes for purchase at lower prices, but it also offers the housing vouchers for rent assistance.

But the application for these two assistance programs varies greatly.

The HUD housing application and the application for rent vouchers, also known as Section 8, both have different requirements too. Depending on the applicant’s needs, he or she might qualify for low-income apartments for rent but not properties for sale by the HUD.

The properties that the Department of Housing and Urban Development sells are foreclosed homes which are generally in good condition.

Moreover, buyers cannot obtain HUD housing assistance in terms of financing from the department to purchase the properties that they sell.

This is just one of many steps in buying HUD housing, so renting on a low income may be a more viable option for families looking for housing.

To learn more about the different applications for HUD housing and section 8, read the complete sections below.

Where to Find HUD Housing

Applicants looking for HUD housing can find listings throughout the U.S. in rural and urban areas. Just like with HUD housing assistance, applicants can find housing options through the department’s website.

The HUD website provides its visitors with up to date information about the current listings that are available through the Home Store.

Applicants can search for HUD housing that fits their needs or budget with many of the different filters available at the moment of searching.

Applicants may also obtain information about HUD Housing options by contacting a local realtor or mortgage lender.

This option might be more beneficial for applicants as it allows them to look at the property and place a potential bid on the house.

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How to Buy a HUD Home

Once applicants find HUD housing through the website, they must find a real estate agent or find the locations on their own.

Then, they must place a bid on the property but should consider that they do not qualify from HUD housing assistance loans or financing as they oversee selling the property.

If selected, applicants must complete the next steps in the buying process.

Applicants can only obtain HUD housing as long as they can afford the property or are eligible for financing to complete the purchase.

The department does not provide financing HUD housing assistance, so home buyers must consider outside lenders to purchase a HUD property.

Owner-occupant buyers will have access to the home first, and then unsold properties are available for any buyer or investor.

For this reason, people who bid for the house and plan to reside in it will have priority along with all other applicants that fall under this category.

The department gives families the priority to buy HUD housing to ensure that they have access to affordable homes. This is another way of HUD housing assistance different from other assistance programs that the department offers.

Even though the HUD does not give buyers financing options, applicants may consider applying for a Federal Housing Administration loan.

Buying a HUD Home
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Learn About Steps to Complete for HUD Housing

The HUD does not provide financing for HUD housing, so home buyers must be able to purchase the homes through other means.

FHA loans are one of the most common HUD housing assistance methods that allow buyers to complete the purchase for their new home.

However, these loans have their own sets of requirements that include:

  • First time home buyer status
  • Credit Score
  • Income limits
  • Down payment

Home buyers may also obtain HUD housing by applying for financing through a private lender.

However, if an applicant does not qualify for the FHA loan HUD housing assistance, the private lender that he or she chooses must be eligible for HUD home purchases.

Home buyers may also have the cash at hand to purchase the property directly, which is possible since most of these properties come at a little cost compared to market prices.

Finally, the department strongly encourages HUD housing buyers to complete an inspection of the property before they buy it.

No HUD housing assistance is provided for buyers to repair any damage on the property, and the house does not come with any warranty at the moment of the purchase. Buyers should hire a licensed inspector before finalizing the purchase.

The inspector will check for essential aspects in the home, such as:

  • Foundation
  • Interior areas
  • Roof
  • Damage in the unit

Note: Buyers should ask about the cost for the home inspector’s services as the HUD does not pay for the inspection.

Find Out About Low-Income Apartments for Rent

Families looking to rent a property instead of buying may consider Section 8 rentals and the housing voucher assistance program.

There are several low-income apartments for rent available throughout the U.S. that accept payment with Section 8 vouchers.

Applicants should first complete the Section 8 housing application process to obtain housing assistance vouchers.

Local Public Housing Agencies determine an applicant’s eligibility for assistance to afford low-income apartments for rent in the area that accepts Section 8 vouchers.

Eligibility requirements include the total annual gross income and family size of the applicant.

Applicants must also provide information about their assets and have eligible immigration status. The PHA will decide if an applicant qualifies for benefits and place them on a waiting list.

Otherwise, applicants may receive assistance immediately as long as they meet individual requirements.

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About Section 8 Housing Lists

Applicants that receive their voucher must then look into Section 8 housing lists that accept the vouchers as part of the payment for the monthly rent.

Listing with section 8 housing for rent is typically available locally, and the local PHA may also have some information about different listings that accept housing vouchers.

Beneficiaries can also access information about section 8 housing application and how to find listings that accept the vouchers.

Many low-income apartments for rent receive section 8 vouchers, but not all of them take them as a form of payment.

Therefore, applicants should conduct an extensive search to find housing that will fit the needs of them and their families while they are waiting for benefits while keeping in mind that the listings should also accept housing vouchers.